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The Spring/Summer 2024 collection began as an exploration of what ‘effortless’ means now. The answers involved modular tailoring, mini goddess dresses, and a reappropriation of historically restrictive clothing.

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From Bells to Botany
The lightweight mesh overlaid on floral dresses and coats is detailed with delicate bells, adding to the overall calm vibe of the collection. The tiny silver bells are also echoed in hairnets and jewelry. And taking a cue from nature, filaments inspired by a flower’s stamen cover sweaters and minidresses, creating a breezy texture.

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Goddesses Among Us
Grecian draped minidresses and -skirts draw on the elegance of classic goddess dresses, swathing and skimming the body, while micro hemlines give it all a modern spirit.

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Hoop Dreams
Design elements historically associated with restricting women’s movement, like the crinoline, are reworked into futuristic swirling structures in unexpected places. At the shoulders, miniskirt hems and torsos of knit dresses and skirts that accentuate the body’s natural curves.

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Show Some Arm
Deep slits were cut into the front of the sleeves of sculptural blazers and tunics with deep u-necks. The effect: showing a little skin while allowing for more movement.

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The Fall/Winter 2024 collection was a study of contrasts. The masculine versus the feminine; hard lines against soft curves; elegant versus outré; the familiar and the strange.



New Kids on the Block

Squared-off skirts and precisely tailored blazers have strong architectural lines and new volume created by bonded and heat-sealed seams. Skirts and dresses with a tech feel have four sides, inspired by lampshades, yet envelope the body.


Refined and Undone

The contrast of masculine tailoring and hyper-femininity, of refined and undone materials, tell a complete story of clothes that are lived in. Glossy faux croc or calf hair blazers and structured skirts versus paper leather slips or jersey dresses with unraveling ruffles.


Make the Everyday Sublime

There’s a new perspective on things we often overlook — whether a well-worn jacket with frayed edges or household items like a lampshade and shower cap. The latter is made playful as flirty smocked nylon dresses, while artfully creased skip skirts and jackets and coats with raw edges have the look of well-loved wardrobe favorites.